Training and Workouts

Cute Compression socks can be worn everyday!



Training and Workouts

Why do my legs hurt after a long run? I thought I trained better!

  • During a workout, your blood vessels dilate to accommodate higher blood flow. Immediately post workout, arteries are still pumping blood to the tissues, but without the rhythmic muscle contraction that occurs during exercise, venous pooling takes place in your legs. This blood is slower to circulate back to the lungs, kidneys and liver and contributes to lactic acid buildup and oxidative stress on the muscles. Hence the fatigue and soreness.
  • Watch your workout intensity. If you’re a weekend warrior or jumping into a workout plan too quickly, you may be tearing and damaging your muscle fibers. “Feeling the burn” is rewarding to many athletes and proper intensity building does increase fitness and muscle mass.
  • There are many programs out there that help you reach these lofty fitness goals safely. However, if you find that you dread exercise because of the intensity, consider a milder exercise program that is fun and sustainable. Cute looking legs will just help to motivate you!
  • Keep in mind your fluid and electrolyte status. Dehydration contributes to the feeling of fatigue and can cause fluid and salt retention. However, excessive sweating can cause major losses in fluid and electrolytes.
  • Stay hydrated and electrified while wearing those cute socks!