Frequent Travelers

Cute Compression socks can be worn everyday!


Frequent Travelers

I heard on the news that you can get blood clots from flying?

  • Long periods of sitting without position change not only reduces blood flow back to central circulation, but causes continuous pressure on a vein essentially trapping blood and stopping it’s movement. This promotes clot formation, especially in the legs.
  • Overall cardiovascular health may predispose you to clot formation. High cholesterol, smoking, diabetes, vascular disease and lung diseases may put you at higher risk. Consult your doctor if you have one of these conditions prior to flying.
  • As always, be conscious of your diet and hydration status. Dehydration contributes to the feeling of fatigue and can cause fluid and salt retention. A diet high in sugars and salts can also contribute to fluid retention, high cholesterol and inflammation.
  • Look at those poor cankles! Minimize them by eating whole, unprocessed foods and staying hydrated.
  • Don’t forget the Cute Compression!